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Napa Valley (wine country)

Napa Valley is in the Bay Area in California and is the main wine growing region of the United States of America and one of the major wine regions of the world. It is also known for its gourmet restaurants, cafes, and spa-treatment centers. Bike riding is a popular activity in the valley, and great way to see the scenery it has to offer.
Walking is also enjoyed by the locals, in one of many parks, trails, and paths on expensive property.
Locals and tourists lacking their own vehicle may also enjoy waiting hours at a time for a bus, which more often than not will include a stop and break for another bus. Visitors who plan to use the public transit system should factor in about half day for travel within the valley.

things to do in Napa Valley

Wine Tasting
Wine tasting is the top thing to do in the Napa Valley.

Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts, Napa
Take a tour and an introductory class at this unique institute designed to educate and celebrate American achievements in wine, food and the arts. Also offered are films, readings, lectures, demonstrations, tastings and workshops.

Napa Valley Wine Train, Napa
Ride in restored 1917 Pullman cars up and down the valley and enjoy the spectacular Napa scenery, service, wine and cuisine. Various packages are available, including special holiday, murder mystery and jazz concert trains.

Westwood Hills Park, Napa
98-acre public park with a children's nature library and wooded trails with a view of Napa Valley.

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