Carson City Nevada

This calm and pleasant city has been the Nevada capital since the Nevada Territory was established in 1861, and government has provided the dominant influence on the municipal character for more than a century. As of the 2000 census, its population is 52,457. Carson City is an independent city, not part of any county. While it doesn't have the size or reputation of Reno or Las Vegas, Carson City provides interest and enjoyment to visitors by virtue of its frontier architecture, historical attractions and its wide range of restaurants. Children are easy to entertain here.

Like many towns in Nevada, Carson City was founded in the boom days of mining -- in the case of Carson City, silver mining. It was the county seat of the former (1861-1969) Ormsby County, and was named for explorer Kit Carson. In 1859, gold prospectors hit silver in the hills east of Carson City. The Comstock Lode, as it was called, was the largest silver find in world history. Tens of thousands of miners poured into Carson City and Virginia City.

Things to do in Carson City:

Nevada State Museum
The Nevada State Capitol
Warren Engine Company Museum
Carson Hot Springs
Lone Mountain Cemetery
Virginia & Truckee Railroad Museum
The Childrens Museum
The Prison Store
Great Basin Art Gallery
The Carlson House

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