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Six Flags Marine World

Six Flags Marine World is an amusement and animal park located in Vallejo, California. It offers a variety of roller coasters and other amusement rides, with a number of animal exhibits and shows. As its name implies, it is a part of the Six Flags chain of amusement parks.

The park has six roller coasters including "Medusa", "Vertical Velocity" and "Roar". Medusa is the park's biggest ride and Northern California's only floorless roller coaster. With the first drop being 150 feet, it lasts 4 minutes and is the park's most visited ride. Vertical Velocity, or just V2, is the park's second newest ride after being rebulit because of height restrictions with the city of Vallejo. Roar is named "Roar" because when in motion, the ride makes a unusual sound, like an "animal roaring". It is also the only wooden roller coaster there and one of the first roller coasters at the park. Today, Six Flags Marine World provides major revenue to the city of Vallejo, and is now a competitor to the San Francisco Bay Area's other amusement park Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara.

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